Josh Von Wookie

Jan 21

Shameless Self-Promotion: My book

Hey tumblr people, this may probably be my last post in a very long while!

Anyway, I wrote a book! …well, it’s a collection of short stories, many of which I shared on tumblr over last year.

If you’ve got $3 to spare and own a Kindle, you would be awesome if you were to purchase it.

Au revior!

Dec 12


i hate remembering good times that i had with people who ended up being really shitty to me

Dec 03
Oct 24

Tumblr on We Heart It.

Oct 23

The Short Story Period Project: 'Omens' →


These feelings of inadequacies have once again set in
You can convince yourself you’re happy for a few months
But it always comes back, and you fall harder than ever
Thinking everyone is better than you in every way
And being unable to understand why people give you the time of day

Hello tumblr! Been a very long while. Sorry about that, I’ll swear I’ll get back to blogging about random crap and stuff very soon. Anyway, here’s the October edition of my short story project. It’s another poem-sorta deal, the third one actually, and probably the last too. I’ve been quite unhappy about stuff in my life recently and I guess this was my way of trying to exercise those demons. It, uh… well it didn’t work, so the November edition is probably gonna be even more miserable.

Enjoy anyway!

Sep 29

Breaking Bad Finale: My Predictions

Obviously, spoiler alert. Don’t read unless you’re completely up to date on the series.

Anywho, I reckon it’s gonna start with Walt going after Elliot and Gretchen, and dicking them over in some way. Then I think he’s going to go after Uncle Jack, wipe them out, and rescue Jesse. I think Uncle Jack was introduced way too late in the show to be Walt’s final nemesis. I actually think Jesse is going to be Walt’s final confrontation. The show really has been, to me, about a teacher-student relationship. I really want Jesse to take Walt down once and for all, because things never went well for Jesse after the night Walt came to his house in the very first episode with a proposition…

And finally, I want Walt to feel guilt for all the atrocities he’s committed. I don’t want to see any redemption, just Walt realising how much of a evil man he’s been since the cancer started.

What do y’all think will happen, tumblrfolk?

Sep 23

Breaking Bad

So after a month of blitzing my way through all 5 series on Netflix, I am now fully up to date! I can’t wait for the next episode in a few hours time, I’m so excited! This has got to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Period.

And the most recent episode, Ozymandias… DAMN! That was the best episode yet.

On a side note, the first thing I see on my dashboard as I logged into tumblr tonight was an image of Walt Jr. Nice.

Sep 19

The Short Story Period Project: 'Thoughts About Grandfather' →


I’m sitting across the table from my eighty-five year old grandfather, wondering what it must like to be him. As a young man, being old is a totally alien concept to me. I mean, not being able to stand without straining yourself, and being supported? The idea that he’ll never be able to be…

Here’s September’s edition of my short story project. I dedicate it to my grandfather, who pretty much gave me all the fuel I needed to write something as grim as this. Rock on, Grandad, I guess?

It’s also occurred to me that I haven’t posted at all on tumblr this month. Uh… I guess I will at some point? I was going to write an Elysium post but I feel that’s too far gone now, seeing how I saw it three weeks ago.

Yeah, I’ll be back on tumblr at some point later in the year, I think.

Sep 01

The Short Story Period Project: 'Complacent' →


I am complacent.

I wake up at six in the morning, but I hit the snooze button on my phone. It takes me a good twenty minutes to rise, as I’m trying to hold onto sleep, and pretend I’m somewhere else.

I shave and shower on auto-pilot, and then eat breakfast. It’s Shreddies, always…

Here’s the August edition of my Monthly Short Story Project Thing. July’s was a bit of a fail, I had no ideas for a short story and put precisely 0% effort into it, so I intended to rectify it this month.

In this month’s story, I totally blast those people that have comfortable office jobs to pay their mortgage. Mainly because I’ve been thinking a lot about the future recently, and wondering if I’m going to be one of those guys who just settles for something. *cough* my father *cough*

Aug 28

I just finished my novel

And I feel awesome haha. I typed out the last sentence about half an hour ago.

I started the new draft on January 1st, and took 8 months doing it. I finished the last draft about 2 years ago, and took some time off from it while I was finishing university.

Anyway, I’ve compiled all the chapters together and it’s 110,355 words. Yikes! Ideally I want to get it down to about 100,000 words. I’m gonna edit it into a new draft at some point later this year (I’m taking a breather from it), and then in 2014 I shall bravely tackle the publishing world and attempt to win. I may have to make some sort of tumblr-series out of that, haha.

Right, I’m off to watch Breaking Bad, which by the way I started watching last week, and it’s awesome.

Aug 08

I had a dream I read the next ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ book

Basically, in my dream, The Winds of Winter opened with the Stark kids reunited. And it was awesome.

And it sucks, because I know they’re not gonna be reunited for a long time. If ever, now that I think about it…

Aug 07

My return to live music

Was rusty. Haha. Yeah, basically, I returned to the town I used to live in a few years back and played a short acoustic set at my old local pub. I pretty much made up my setlist on the spot after practising my catalogue for the past few days, and rambled in between songs. I was limited to three songs, so I opened with an oldie (‘I Don’t Care’), then went for two songs I’d never played live before - a cover from the Black Keys called ‘Stack Shot Billy’ (one of my favourite songs ever) and one of my own, called ‘Monkey’, which I wrote this time last year.

My voice needs work and I my nerves affected my ability to play. Soooo… yeah, I totally need to work at it.

Aug 04

quote I would like The next doctor to be Female with a Male Assistant

— STEPHEN MOTHER F**KING HAWKINS (via nostopdasgay)

Err.. it wasn’t him that said that?

Aug 04

I’m actually going to meet the 12th Doctor in person at the BBC Studios

Tumblr…. are you jealous?

Aug 03


i wish i could be a youtuber but 

  • too awkward
  • don’t have a nice camera
  • not attractive enough
  • not interesting enough
  • not creative in any way

But isn’t this pretty much the entire criteria for being youtube-famous?